GNAX Cloud 2.0. Newly Upgraded! Now with Apps.

The GNAX Cloud, represents the next-generation of cloud computing technology and will forever change the virtual computing landscape. Powered by VMware vCloud Director, GNAX Cloud enables you to manage your online infrastructure easier than ever before via a self-service web portal. From there you can maximize resource utilization while enhancing the security, reliability and flexibility of the business you conduct online.

  • Provision virtual servers on demand
  • Group servers together for easy organizational management
  • Select and load applications from a pre-defined list in minutes. Learn more.
  • Automate resource management with internal policies
  • Ensure optimal application performance with GNAX AppMonitor

Take your business agility to new levels with GNAX Cloud.

  • Want to test a new customer application? No problem
  • Want to scale up or down based on seasonal shifts? No problem
  • Want to integrate an acquired business infrastructure? No problem
  • Want to burst your resources by 3x? No problem

Do it all quickly and with no downtime.

The public cloud is your domain with GNAX Cloud.

GNAX Cloud Enterprise

Best suited for enterprise-grade computing: large organizations, multi-site, multi-user, large hosting resellers.

  • Committed resources
  • Dynamic and automated allocation of resources within organization
  • EMC high availability SAN storage
  • Virtual or hardware firewall
  • Predictable monthly pricing

  • Focus on customer-centric solutions
  • Highly secure & stable SSAE 16 Type II datacenter
  • Tier 4 electrical infrastructure
  • Comprehensive cloud ecosystem
  • Enterprise-class VMware cloud platform
  • Expert technical staff
  • Industry leading technologies
  • Multiple options for all hosting needs
  • Innovative thinking
  • Budget-sensitive pricing

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