Industry Solutions

GNAX stands ready with a high degree of focused expertise to provide mission-critical solutions for multiple industries.

Healthcare Solutions

GNAX currently hosts the IT infrastructure of two of the largest hospitals in the Southeast as well as pharmacies, labs, EHRs and other healthcare companies. And, we have plenty of room for more. We're fully up to speed with HIPAA compliance issues, so your system security is iron-clad. Plus, our uptime performance stands at 100%.

Enterprise Solutions

Large businesses with multiple locations, thousands of employees and 24/7/365 operations demand the highest level of system-wide IT performance. From unparalleled system security to 100% uptime, and everything in between, GNAX has the expertise and facilities to take your business where it needs to go.

Hosting Solutions

Whether you're starting your own hosting business or looking to sell your existing hosting space to your customers, GNAX can get you set up with turnkey solutions that feature open APIs and price points that actually leave room for profit margins.

SMB Solutions

The IT needs of small and medium size businesses may not match the sheer size of those of large businesses, but their key performance issues are just as critical. GNAX has the expertise to meet those challenges while keeping our solutions simple, convenient and cost-effective.

Technology Solutions

It is at the core of our business to know every aspect and nuance of IT infrastructure. We know individual technologies, what combinations of technology work well together and what combinations don't. So when you need assistance with infrastructure development, quality testing or with any other technology solution, GNAX is can handle it with ease.

Government Solutions

City, County, State and Federal governments all have increasingly complex IT infrastructure needs that GNAX is ideally suited to meet. Our facility's power, cooling and connectivity specifications assure the critical 100% up time that governments need to keep services up and running. To safeguard data, our facilities bristle with armed, electronic and passive security measures.

By Industry

  • Focus on customer-centric solutions
  • Highly secure & stable SSAE 16 Type II datacenter
  • Tier 4 electrical infrastructure
  • Comprehensive cloud ecosystem
  • Enterprise-class VMware cloud platform
  • Expert technical staff
  • Industry leading technologies
  • Multiple options for all hosting needs
  • Innovative thinking
  • Budget-sensitive pricing

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