Healthcare Application Delivery

GNAX works with healthcare providers across the nation and around the globe. We know healthcare providers need all kinds of secondary applications, like BedMaster and Sigma Pumps that require a great deal of resources to keep your operation running smoothly. We understand that those secondary applications take up about 20% of your application use but monopolize much more than 20% of your IT resources.

Offload those secondary applications to GNAX and we can help you improve your application performance and lower your costs. Let GNAX manage your application infrastructure so you can focus your resources on more important things.

Applications you should consider offloading

  • CPN
  • CDIS
  • BedMaster
  • WebStrat
  • Sigma Spectrum
  • MedQuist
  • Q-Tel
  • Rapid Comm
  • EPSi
  • VisionShare
  • Horizon Patient Folder

Contact us to learn how we have helped other healthcare providers offload their secondary applications.

By Industry

  • Focus on customer-centric solutions
  • Highly secure & stable SSAE 16 Type II datacenter
  • Tier 4 electrical infrastructure
  • Comprehensive cloud ecosystem
  • Enterprise-class VMware cloud platform
  • Expert technical staff
  • Industry leading technologies
  • Multiple options for all hosting needs
  • Innovative thinking
  • Budget-sensitive pricing

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